Wednesday, 25 January 2012

DWFO #3: "Rose's Theme / Doomsday"

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra are proud to present their third collaboration: "Rose's Theme / Doomsday" by Murray Gold.

An MP3 file of the final mix can be downloaded from here:

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This final mix includes a total of 177 submissions from 154 individual participants, ranging in age from 11 to 57, and who are located in at least 18 different countries across the world, including: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland.

Arranged and co-ordinated by Stephen Willis

Assistant Co-ordinator: Robin LaPasha

Piano solo: Natalie Odien
Lead Guitar: Steve Foxon
Vocal Soloists: Heather Ackroyd; Allie Savage; Rachel Adcock; Catherine Geiger

The next piece will be "Dalek Suite" (featuring music from Series One to Five). To take part, look out for instructions in the upcoming promo.

Thanks to all participants!


  1. Hi! I really like this performance, and I like participate with the DWFO in the next piece ^^


    And it's now getting airplay on Krypton Radio. Amazing, amazing brilliant work.